Welcome, and thanks for trying Ronda

Let's get started - we assume you already installed Ronda. If you haven't, do check our video that shows the installation process.

Using is Ronda is simple and easy. In fact, everything you need to know fits on this one page, so we fired our web developer - Dave.
Dave, if you're reading this, please stop calling. It's over.

Ah! Right, after installing it, you should see something like this Desktop over here:

Click this to open the gallery at any time

Misplaced or closed the + icon?

To add stuff, click on the items in the gallery:

Make sure to check the other pages!

On the settings page you can change some stuff

You can enable or disable Item text (titles),
the hover effect, weather code, opacity and change themes.

To customize the background, move your mouse to the
Top Left edge of your screen and click the settings icon.

Let's look at some Items now:

Don't forget that you can move Items around!
Items can be closed by middle clicking them.
Click the settings icon to access Item's settings,
you can change the color of nearly every item!

Resize items by clicking the bottom right corner!

You can resize with your mouse, or by typing a
precise width/height in pixels and pressing Enter.

You're done!

Have an achievement!

Not sure of something? Email me at [email protected]